If you are looking for a quality locksmith service in the South West of London, you have many reasons to choose a company that offers master keying systems and other advanced security systems. Smart upgrades to your locks are becoming popular, and South West Locksmiths can help you install these advanced systems. Smart upgrades allow you to control access to your home from your smartphone. You can even use them to lock or unlock your door remotely if you are not home.

Master keying systems

If you are a home or business owner, you’ve probably heard of master keying systems. This security method is useful for enforcing access control for multiple doors and rooms within a building. It’s possible to give one person access to the entire property, while another can only access specific rooms or entry doors. Master key systems are a great way to keep your valuables safe and secure, while also preventing intruders from taking advantage of your property’s security features.

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For businesses, master key systems provide a simplified way to manage a large number of keys. The system eliminates the need to carry dozens of keys to all the different doors in a building. It also allows business owner to streamline their keying system and free up their pockets for other things. If you’re interested in implementing a master key system in your business, contact South West Locksmiths London.

Before you begin, you must do a thorough site survey of the premises. This step is critical to the success of the key system deployment. A locksmith project manager must walk door-to-door to record details such as location and ownership. They must also note the exact door hardware, threshold, and frame. Detailed site surveys will ensure that the key system is installed properly and is easy to use. In addition to taking a survey of the premises, you can also consult with the facility manager about the existing door numbering system.

Once the survey is complete, you can begin planning for the installation of the master keying system. Make sure to document the details of each opening and determine the required work plan. Then create a three-column spreadsheet with tasks, the estimated time needed for each task, and the owner of the facility. The master key system will allow you to control the number of keys in circulation and help you achieve your security objectives.

Master keying systems work off of the basic pin tumbler lock. The pin stack contains a key and driver pin. These two pins must be raised to opposite sides of the shear line. To unlock a lock with a master key, the key must lift both key pins within the lock. Key pins are different in size, while driver pins are universal in size. In addition, the key must have grooves for lifting the key pins.

Master keying systems also allow for a master key holder to rekey the locks when necessary. This feature makes it difficult for an intruder to gain access to a property with the master key. While master keying systems are a great security measure, they’re not foolproof. Not all locks are created equal, and they’re not designed to be foolproof. Some break easily with specialized tools, while others offer higher levels of security. However, if you’re concerned about security, upgrading the locks may be the best option.


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